Thursday, March 22, 2012


As seen from Macross Frontier TV series, this Quarter is about to fire its main cannon to one of the Vajra mother ship.  Hi and welcome.. and this time i'm gonna post some interesting ( you might say) collection that i have which i kept for several years back, hehe..  want to post it last two years ago but don't have enough space in my display cabinet that time until today!  Even my Detolf can't get enough space to pose it in Attack mode for this guy ( T_T ) fuuuhhhh... !!

Front pic of the box (top), and rear pic of the box (bottom)

This is a DX Macross Quarter, taken from Macross Frontier TV series made from Bandai and this model can be transformable from battle ship mode into a battroid attack mode just like the SDF-1 from the original Macross Saga.  So let me show you whats inside the box...

There are 3 sets altogether, on the front are the display stand (pic above); than the head, main cannon, shield, boosters, hands and a couple of VF-25's, 2 sets of VB-6, a Klan Klang Queadluun and also a Vajra (pic below right).  And the last one (pic below left) is the Quarter itself

Above and below are the manual books

It took me longer than i expected just to assemble in one piece huuhhh... but in the end, L.O.V.E  it.  But there is a problem, its tooooo big to fit into my, the worlds smallest, studio... !! Can't take the whole ship from its thruster to its gun tip in one snap, even if i try to position it up front its just out of frame. This are the only pic that i've manage and hope you all like it..

Side view

Front view

Top view of the ship

Pic above are the Ship's main cannon and it's carrier / shield

The one thats look like a head is actually the main bridge of this ship, and look all of those cannons which guarding the bridge.

A good view of the main bridge if you stand on the runways up on the carrier.

The runways used by fighter plane for taking off, here its look like VB-6 is about to take-off

But just one second...  its look like a Vajra is about to attack the ship..  
ATTENTION!!  ATTENTION!!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL!! we are under attack, all hands on deck and all fighter perpare to scramble..  Queadluun team up first follow by Skull team..

Rear view of the ship

It's huge thruster

And it's twin boosters

A view from inside the main bridge..

Like i've said, its huge in attack mode.. i have to stape back just to get the whole picture here. i love this pose here (*-*)

See my cannon.. !!

The main bridge, up-close

As seen from the second movie of Macross Frontier

I hope you all have a good time in seeing my collection so far, and i hope to post it some more in the future.
See You Next Deculture.. !!!

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Dennis aka Katsuden said...

Quarter is one of my favorite too! Though its size in the anime seems smaller than SDF-1.. The fun factor to this toy surely are those miniature planes. Can see a lot details on the bridge and run way.