Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hi and welcome again.

Before we start, take a look at this pic.1 . Remember this??


Sure, this pic.1 above was taken from my previous post. Know whats inside? Some of you might already know this, but some of you don't. Well i'm gonna show you fella whats inside and explain why Bandai squeez our wallet nowadays, hehe..

The pic.1 above is the outter box, and if you take out whats inside well you got another box like this picture below hahaha.... Anyway, stright to the point, this is the Super Parts for my VF-25F Alto. Just look at the picture from the box you can see the super parts attach to the DX model. I bought it saperately because when i bought the first VF-25F comes out in the market, it didn't come with the Super Parts nor the Armored Parts. Thats how Bandai try to drain our thick wallet real fast ^-^ Muahahahahaha................. And when everybody gets the first model then they letout the bunddle one(VF-25 c/w super part), and then the super parts alone. Get me...

Super Parts for VF-25F Alto

The complete set; the boosters on the right and on the left it comes with a display stand. Note that the stand doesen't come with decal, too bad.

the booster set itself

And which one do you like the most?.. *v*



If you asked me, my answer would be both, hahaha..

top view

side view

front view

and some nice view~

side view, look how big the booster is

from rear view

top rear view

more rear view, i like this shot

close pic of its booster

with SMS logo

nice decal with great details o_O

Ok ok enough with the booster already. Now let me tell you where they put the warhead missile, see the two boxes mounted on top of the aircraft just behind the cockpit..

here it is

if you flip it open, you can see a dozen of missiles

close view, nice detail as well

Now, switching to gerwalk (guardian mode). Its hard enough for me to put it up right when the booster attached, too much weight i guess. To me its look like an overweight goose or something haha...

See.. i told you its too heavy, moreover he can't move easily with all that things mounted to it

Thenagain, it looks good in battroid mode

a salute to you all ~~

Oh, i almost forget one more weapon, it has a knife, yes a knife..

what is it for? maybe to peel off some onion *-*

too bad i miss korban or otherwise

one more step then i'll shish kebab you

So thats it for now, i hope you all enjoy it as much as i do.

See you next deculture!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hi all, its been a while from my last up date. Got my hand tied to my office desk. So without delay, this is it! My next collection none other from the latest in Macross animation, Macross Frontier. So enjoyed everyone, muahahahahaha.......................

The box is slim ( compare to the VF-25G and RVF-25 ) and it's weight suprisingly not that heavy compare to its look. Here is the front side with a picture of VF-25F Alto itself. Bought this baby as soon it's available in the market last year. Man, this thing sell real fast like chocklet cookies, sekejap ada sekejap tak ada. Hehe, Bandai surely smart to drain our wallet real quick, i tell you why later..

Front view of the box.

Rear view, with a picture of the creator himself.

Here it is after so long in my display cabinnit the VF-25F pilot by Alto Saotomi aka 'Prince Alto'.

As you can see its body got glossy look and it is completely different compare to Yamato version of Macross where most of its figure are dyem flat, which is nice as well.

Front view.

If you notice, you find its wing are slightly bend. Yeah? Well, this is due to support its super and armored pack later, thats why.

Front landing gear made of die-cast and rubber. Nice huh~

Same goes with its rear landind gear. Damm nice ~

Look at the wing , it read SMS 001 upside down, not LOO SWS.

Right underneath it, can you spot the gattling gun pod.

Although the cockpit can be open, but you can't take out its pilot

Nice view...

Look, there is no back seat. Wish they build one so that Ranka can sit and fly with him, just like when they were in planet Galia IV. I juat love that episode.

If you're flying in one of this aircraft then suddenly all the control panel not responding and you lost control of it, try to pull a lever mark 'G' ( if you follow the story here), this will change your aircraft into gerwalk aka guardian mode like in the picture down here.

The shield attach to its left arm

And the gun pot is on the right hand

Nothing much i can say here except for its feet, "tinting tinting" if you know what i ment

Nice work with the logo as well.

Ever wonder why they put the cockpit with blue color??

Last but not least, in Battloid mode. Now you all can see the gun pod clearly. He been standing like that in my display cabinet for over a year now, guarding my other collections from the evil Vajra, Zentradi, and the invid haha..

Stay with me if you want to live

Care to joint dancing with me yeah..

Up close pic, i love this pose.

Hmm ~~

Oh no, i drop my coins. Damm, where is it.. move your feet people!!

I got a hole in my wallet, now what shall i do ~

What the.. whats this ?? This is the reason why our wallet got drain real fast, know what this is? I see you next time..

See u next deculture!