Friday, February 17, 2012


Just got some times to update some post here. So keep your eyes glued to the screen and your fingers on the keyboard and mouse cause i'm about to kick start some... Hi and welcome,

Picture above (opening clip) taken from the legendary Macross Saga tv series back from 1982 if i'm not mistaken. Boy.. i'm still remember, that time i'm still in sekolah rendah, when it first aired in rtm channel in the afternoon. But i'm always miss the chance watching it due to going to ugama school. What a fond memories back than, ok enough flash back, lets get started shall we...

Front view of the new box

Rear view of the new box

Front view of the old box

Its a new 1/60 scale of VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo with Armor Parts by Yamato. Previously they make the same scale and model with GBP but in different box like picture above. I don't think there are much different thoug.. Anyway, lets look whats inside..

Armor Parts

First, on top its the armor parts. You can see the chest plate, legs armor, arms armor and shoulder armor too..


Second, the VF-1J itself complete with its armament, extra hands, gun pod, stickers + manuals for both VF-1J and Armor Parts, and also a small-scale Hikaru sitting pose.

plenty of arsenel

Front view

Much improvement have been made here, even the cockpit window got color effect. Take note, the stand is bought separately!!

Side view

Rear view

the pilot can be remove

nice intake too

Front view with missile armament

And now in gerwalk mode. I kinda like this mode, it reminds me of Hikaru's first saving Minmay in the first battle back in Macross Island..

Rear view

Next, its battroid mode. Love that head version, look more accurate from the TV series itself. The air intake also got gimmic where you can close/ open it, and you can put its gun pod on its arm which you can't in the previous model.

in action..

Ok next, put on its Armor Parst. Its not too difficult to put on his armor thoug just some snap-on thats it. And when you finnish putting on all his armor, you can feel the weight and its big too..

Taken from the tv series

Front view

Rear view

Side view

posing ~ posing ~

Front view, up-close :p

Full view

"We want you to be a pilot"

HATCH OPEN....................... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OPEN FIRE.............................. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy all of them, until next time.