Friday, October 21, 2011


Hi and welcome to my humble blog..

Its so good to be back active after a loooong break. Life are so unpredicted, but hey i'm still here kicking old habit (off topic) if you know what i mean hehe...

Ok, thats way-off ~ Adam sure enjoying himself that time.

Ok enough with that ^_^ This time around i'm gonna kick-start with this (pic below), hope you all enjoy.

Found this at our local store during lunch time, that was over a week ago. Now that i have a spare time, like to share it with you all.. Bought two of this, why?? Well keep scrolling down...

This Batmobile looks cool, the car itself resemblance to that Tim Burton's Batmobile but this one even more cooler..

As you can see from the pic above and below, this particular Batmobile got itself a bigger engine just look at it, like a drag car... !!

Side view

Top view

Now, if you watch closely over here.. Spot the differences from this two cars, pic1 and pic2. Its easy.



Thats the reason why i bought two sets of this same model. Looks to me it is an error, don't you think.. It liiks like that the engine comes off, i've try to shake it see if that thing move back to its original place but it didn't move, i guess its suppose to be like that huh.. Error.

I hope you all enjoy of what i share with you just now. Tons of things to share with you all but so little time, guess i see you on my next post very soon. Till then..

See You Next Deculture.. !!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'M BACK.. !!

Well, i'm back after a long break..
Gonna start posting real soon, so here some preview of what to

See You Next Deculture... !!