Sunday, November 28, 2010


The star for today's post will be none other than the famous 5 year old boy with a big peanut-look head with a tiny hand and feet. His name is Shin Chan of Futaba Kindergarten, in sunflower class. He is prone in getting into chaos to his surrounding from his home to his school and even in public area like in a book store. Just look at him (pic below) so provoke, what else can i say hehe...

This young boy tries so hard to be a good boy but instead causing even more trouble in the end :P If you watch his animated series, you can find him wearing a hilarious costume such as a bug, caterpillar and some other things that it will never fail you to laugh, seriously... go ahead and watch the series, i prefer the Indon ver. than the Malay ver.

Anyway, got this sets locally than buy them without hesitate, it's so dyem cute too. Well i've got two sets of this figurine and this set here are of a small size, the other set are a bit bigger then this and of different pose as well. Will post the other set some other time ok. So for now, just enjoy this set..

He like to show his @$$ every now and than as to show his talented "tarian pungung" or "monster cheek dance". What, you find that odd ?! Huh~ just wait till you see his "tarian belalai gajah" or "mr. elephant dance", that will put a smile on your face :) i've got so many shot of this pose but have to delete it, so pervert haha.. here's another one !!

OK, next... this one is a-o-k but, just wait one minute?? Look at his back !

He sure is at his best, show off ^~^

I don't know what to tell you of this, but it's look like a cow theme. Like i said before, he always wearing odd costume, and look as if his bad habit still around.

This one too, same old habit.

Look at what he is holding to? Worse than his bad habit, and this time he tries to shave himself up like shaving a sheep for it's wool that is.

Finally some well-mannered pose, here he's snow boarding try to balance himself.


Right now he is having a hot spring bath... again with that @$$ showing (",)

Not to forget that now is a school holiday term, let's head to the beach !! surf-up ~

And than have fun riding at the back of a dolphin.. Yeahea ~

Thanks for viewing, until next time.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Again welcome and hello...

This is the continuation of my previous post on OST Macross collection which i want to share it with you all. And i've try my best to translate, some if not all, the name of the songs listed here.

A lot of soundtrack from Macross TV Animated and The Movie were included here, but i can only hear 4 songs by Minmay. Track 4, 13, 14 and 25. see tracklist for song title.

Front view of it's box

Rear view of it's box


1. Meditation

2. Universe

3. Empty

4. My Boyfriend Is A Pilot

5. A Street Corner Of The Youth

6. Spectacle

7. Zentradian Forces

8. A Dirty Hero

9. A Wound

10. Nostalgia

11. Love Melody

12. Stardust Memory

13. Farywell goodness

14. Sunset Beach

15. A Carnival

16. Passion

17. A Sound Of The Revival

18. Hiding

19. First Contact

20. Lullaby

21. Scenery With The Bell

22. Longing For Home

23. Long Four

24. I Am Sad

25. My Beautiful Place

In this edition, Minmay is suppose to be a special DJ guest at a radio station where she was interview, Q & A, taking calls from listner who are calling to the station, even interviewing Hikaru Ichijyo and sings a few songs as well. For me its like listening to a radio or somthing like that hehe..
Front view of it's box

Back view of it's box

At the back cover, there is a tracklist which says 'Whisper Of The Stars', part I and II. If you play it, it didn't matchup with the tracklist. So forget about the tracklist, ok. Anyway, some of the songs she played that time are Sunset Beach, Little White Dragon and a few more. She even sings a few english songs like 'Yesterday' and 'Scaborough Fair', and amazingly have the chance to duet with Hikaru to a song called 'Blowin' In The Wind'.

Hope you all enjoy as much as i do.
Until then, have a nice day.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Another day with another toy
Hi and welcome..

This is a 1/55 Blue Alpha Fighter from Toynami, a Robotech Masterpiece Collection Vol 1 model VFA-6H pilot by Scott Bernard.
Front view of the box

It's rear view

Side view

Here's the first page, some image introduction of the model itself plus a 'Certificate of Authenticity' !! This collection are limited to only 15,000 pieces worldwide and i'm on the 5,379. Not that limited i say, got plenty more somewhere out there haha...

Second page is the model itself

Bought this model years ago from one of my favourite online store which is listed here on my blog as well. Wana get the other volumes as well but realize that this production got some technical problems here and there, therefor i'm just gonna show you only in fighter mode. So i glad that this is the only model i've got so far.

At least there is a pilot inside and the cockpit hatch can be open. Below are some of the issue where in fighter mode the arm cannot lock properly into it's shoulder, *sigh*~

These are some of the hatchs where they put the missiles are and also a gun pod which is attach to it's wing were provided here as well.

Rear view of the model

Picture below, this small item which i put next to the cockpit is suppose to be Scoot's body armor 'Cyclone'. Cute huh~

And this are the only accessories thats include with this model; Gun Pod with it's magazine, body armor and a shoulder mounted cannon.... And also the manual book, decals and a cell which is not in the pic here.

Thanks for viewing, until then

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