Tuesday, February 09, 2010



This post are the remaster from the first one where the pictures was not that good enough :P So, as i promise here are the remaster uncut edition hehe... i hope you like the pictures, enjoy guys !!

YF-21 Fast Pack with it's box

Pic of the back box

Front view

Side (above) and front (below) view, without fast pack

YF-21 with it's fast pack attach

Aerial view

It's wing tip

Front nose

For this YF-21 model, they are using a brain wave to fly one of this test fighter plane. As you can see there are no control panel or something, the pilot just use his concentration. From what you see here, he looks like meditation. Cool technology don't you think?

Now, here are the Fast Pack parts which consist of it's boosters, gun-pods and shields. Too bad there are no Armor Pack for this particular model, yet. Even the newest version got no extra armaments of any kinds, they just stick to this versions.

In guardian mode

Actually, the legs can be pull out to make it more tall. Here i forgot to.. No worries guys, there are more pics below which got that extra long legs ^^

Now in battloid mode

I don't know if you guys already seen it's movie, the tail wings actually used as shield to cover itself from being shot at, quite useful.

Not a hansome face but this fighter got a very skill in combat. Just try not to piss him off o_O

Great, so here are the tall version. Extra long legs, sexy !! :D

See you next deculture...