Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Another day another post, as always.

Happy New Year 2012 and welcome to my blog, this time i'm gonna kick start with some more of my soundtrack collection from Macross. Still got plenty more of this, but thats for another time. So, lets get going..

This is a Macross: Do You Remember Love - Storyline (Movie Edition). Here, its only a theatrical music for this movie.

Track List:

1. Four Seasons

2. Story

3. Asa No Shokutaku

4. Machi Kado

5. Omoide No Shiroi Kumo

6. Niji-Iro Namida

7. You Are My Everything

8. Waka-Sugite

9. Hoshi No Namiki Michi

10. Three Hearts

For my second collection here, this is a Macross Generation: Legend Of Eternal Songs. I'm happy to get this album, beside from listening to good musics.. i can do a try~out in a karaoke as well.

Track List:

1. Love, Do You Remember?
2. Angel Paint
3. Future Diary
4. Zero-G Love
5. My Boyfriend Is A Pilot
6. Silver Moon, Red Moon
7. Love Drifts Away
8. Runner
9. Courage
10 ~ 11 (karaoke ver.)

So lets sing along with me.. anyone request for a song number 5..??
Till next time,
See you next Deculture.. !!