Friday, December 31, 2010


Guess what this is ??

You got that right. Brought to you by..


Kasi suspense sikit, hehe.. Welcome to my blog and a Happy New Year 2011, may this year brings even more new hauls. As you all expected, gonna show you this monster truck !! On the box it read 'MUD TRUCKS' instead of a Bat Truck coz this truck looks like a Bat Mobile only big in size - the tyre that is.. Bought this toy from the land far, far away~ Got another one with different pack, and this one here have some effect (mud) all over the tyres just like the real one shown in a picture a bit further below. So sit back, grab that mouse and scroll down to view some more, and enjoy the show..

Front view of the box

Rear view of the box

The real Bat "MUD TRUCKS' !!

Take a close look

Front view of the truck, see the mud all over the tyres..

Rear view of the truck

A stickers of Batman and Hotwheels logo on the side of that truck

Top view.

If you notice, there is a piece of cloth include in this special pack. I did take it out and take a few picture of it, but i didn't post it up here for a reasons. Just keep it as a mysteries for you to thrill about hehe.. :)

Thanks for viewing, until next time.
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Monday, December 27, 2010


Seasons greeting ! Marry Christmas to everyone.. :D

For this special occasion, i didicated this post for this year celebration just for you. So enjoy the picture and have a wonderful holiday.. This is a MACROSS: FALLING SNOW IN THE MILKY WAY

Front view of the box

Rear view of the box


Falling Snow In The Milky Way I
1. Merry Christmas On Earth
2. Present Of White Stars
3. Teary Santa Claus
4. The Jingle Bells Have Gone

Falling Snow In The Milky Way II

1. Falling Snow In The Milky Way
2. Starry Night's Misa
3. Candle Party
4. Memorable White Christmas

Hope you all a merry christmas and a happy new year 2011...
Until Next Deculture.. !!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

MG MS-06J ZAKU II Ver 2.0

Its almost the end of 2010, just a few more days...

So have to pack things up before leaving to a whole new year with this Zaku kit which i've build it months ago. He's not on strike or so, but just holding my logo. So enjoy hehe...

The box.

Got this kit abroad during my "Toy Hunting" seasons, and this is the only Zaku i have at this moment. I found plenty of Zaku whenever i go for toy hunting but not this kind of black and white box kit, i find it different from the usual colored box, so bought it stright away. I've got another two different kit: GAT-105 Aile Strike Gundam, which i already build and post it in June this year; and the MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom, which is still in box untouched (will built it someday haha..)

It's weapons: A drum-fed machine gun with a spare drum which is stored on waist armor racks, a bazooka which also can be stored on his back waist armor racks, a battery powered heat hawk (axe), and a sets of 3 tubes missile pod which is mounted to it's left and right legs.

I saw someone already color the amunitions with cooper, so i paint them with silver and yellow instead, it's fun to do things differently

Front view

Rear view
Just a few color for touchup on it's booster pack

Say no to drug !!
Picture above shows without any weapons, and below shows fully armored weapons. Note that the missile tubes come in green colored, so i colored it with red just to make it look even better :)
I like this pose

Front view

Rear view

Thanks for viewing, until next time.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010


To all friends and fellow bloggers, Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year...

God bless everyone of us.
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

HOTWHEELS #25 TBD 2010 !!

This will be a quick post.. Some of my collection from Hot Wheels that i manage to collect during my toy hunting trip days ago. Well, there are tons of it actually but of other kind of toys. Will post them soon, if got time that is hehe...

Hi and welcome to my world of toys collection... And this time i'm gonna show you one particular model from 2010 HW Premiere #25. See pic below

HotWheels 2010 collections

#25 To Be Determine

While shopping for other things, found this instead. After checking a few list, findout that it is under a TBD.. It turn out to be a Lamborghini..!! Didn't found this back home so grab it a few more hehe..

Rear view

Side view

Front view

Thanks for viewing,
See You Next Deculture... !!