Friday, December 31, 2010


Guess what this is ??

You got that right. Brought to you by..


Kasi suspense sikit, hehe.. Welcome to my blog and a Happy New Year 2011, may this year brings even more new hauls. As you all expected, gonna show you this monster truck !! On the box it read 'MUD TRUCKS' instead of a Bat Truck coz this truck looks like a Bat Mobile only big in size - the tyre that is.. Bought this toy from the land far, far away~ Got another one with different pack, and this one here have some effect (mud) all over the tyres just like the real one shown in a picture a bit further below. So sit back, grab that mouse and scroll down to view some more, and enjoy the show..

Front view of the box

Rear view of the box

The real Bat "MUD TRUCKS' !!

Take a close look

Front view of the truck, see the mud all over the tyres..

Rear view of the truck

A stickers of Batman and Hotwheels logo on the side of that truck

Top view.

If you notice, there is a piece of cloth include in this special pack. I did take it out and take a few picture of it, but i didn't post it up here for a reasons. Just keep it as a mysteries for you to thrill about hehe.. :)

Thanks for viewing, until next time.
See you Next Deculture... !!