Sunday, December 05, 2010


We must stop the Decepticon !!
Autobots, transform and roll out ~

Welcome to my blog. Hope you all have a good day today as i'am about to show you the second part of my collection of Optimus Prime from it's second movie of Transformer: The Revenge of The Fallen which is now out of the box !!

Front view in vehicle mode, a truck that is..

Instead of a short, red color truck just like the original version, Michael (the director of that movie) choose a long front engine and throw in a flame color version, which to me it's look like a hotwheels version haha... But it looks more cool :)

Like i've said just now it looks like a Hotwheels Trea$ure Hunt$ version, just look at the tyre, looks real ~ oh yeah..

Rear view, there is a sound push button on the left side, find it?

If you peek inside of the driver and the passenger seat, you find plenty of small internal shifting gears parts. Just to show how complicated the mechanical is when you transformed it from a vehicle to robot mode.

Now in robot mode, notice that there are several color effects here which is not in the previous issue. It has a commander head mode sculpture here, got a black color on half of it's face.

Just ignore the clear plastic band, i leave that on purpose. It keeps the chest plate tight in place once i change it back to vehicle mode.

And now lets take a look for it's special feature, the snap-out battle hooks ! which are located at both of his arms, (see pic below)

Rear view in robot mode !

It's feet..

I kinda like this pose ~

I hope you enjoy what you see here today.

See You Next Deculture... !!