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This is the continuation from my previous post on Macross OST collections. Although there are several more of OST from the original Macross (first generation), and plenty more from other Macross franchise which is spand from the 80's up to present day. So do stick around and please enjoy them as much as i do..

This is The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Vol IV: Desire
It is only a voice drama citing about Misa's life before and during the war between human and the Zentrandi. Memories about her perviouse long lost love, about jealous toward Minmay and about her feeling toward this young pilot named Hikaru.

Front cover

Back cover


1. Awake

2. Jealousy

3. Duet

4. Forget

5. Journey

6. Ennui

7. Desire

This is The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Vol V : Rhapsody In Love
It consist of 2 discs; disc 1 ~ Rhapsody In Love, an instrumental songs played by an orchestral group of music, i love this part; disc 2 ~ Macross Love, a voice drama retelling the even in the first Macross series.
Front cover of the box

Back cover


Disc 1

1. Prologue: Macross

2. First Encounter

3. Lynn Minmay

4. Boy Soldier

5. Youth Soaring In The Future

6. Rhapsody In Love

7. White Rose

8. Parting Ballad

9. Dream Space

10. Epilogue: My Boyfriend Is A Pilot, Love drifts Away, Runner.

Disc 2

A drama retelling the story of Macross series.

So what about you, do you have any OST from your favorite anime?? If yes, then share with us..

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