Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Good day my fellow blogger and welcome...

Was watching Gundam Z anime series again that i start to building this kit, the RX-178 Mk II Titans Ver. That was during the month of ramadhan while waiting for sahur that is, hehe... i'm not quite sure if i really want the AEUG version, don't know why maybe it's the color. Guess i have to pass on that particullar model just yet. So here it is finish and decal it, hope you all like it.

Front view

For it's armaments, it include; beam rifle, beam saber (stored and recharge at the backpack), double vulcan pod (which is mounted on it's head), and a long hyper bazooka. Also included with this model are a couple of spare e-pacs (stored in shield) and clip-feds (stored on rear skirt armor storage rack), the shield and it's backpack booster.

Comparison between the two MG, Rick Dias and RX-178 Titans Mk II. It looks like the Titans ver. got that bad @$$ look too !!

The double vulcan pod which is mounted to it's head, that's the weapon they used to shoot Char (Quattro) when he first saw this model in the very first episode of that series. Fun fact: even this newly high technology, they can't even shoot down their target (Char) haha...

This particular model are specially molded in gloss color, just look at it. The mechanical are of super details with articulated fingers, the cockpit hatch can be open and also it has a silver-coated cylinders-like working pistons both its ankles while the shield can be slide down for maximum protection. Cool huh~

Target practice..

Reload ! Reload !

See.. i've told ya the shield can be slide down

Try to reach it's beam saber, shish kebab time ~

One more move i'll cut you head wide open...!!

Err.. excuse me, your time is up. My turn now...!!

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