Saturday, December 18, 2010

HOTWHEELS #25 TBD 2010 !!

This will be a quick post.. Some of my collection from Hot Wheels that i manage to collect during my toy hunting trip days ago. Well, there are tons of it actually but of other kind of toys. Will post them soon, if got time that is hehe...

Hi and welcome to my world of toys collection... And this time i'm gonna show you one particular model from 2010 HW Premiere #25. See pic below

HotWheels 2010 collections

#25 To Be Determine

While shopping for other things, found this instead. After checking a few list, findout that it is under a TBD.. It turn out to be a Lamborghini..!! Didn't found this back home so grab it a few more hehe..

Rear view

Side view

Front view

Thanks for viewing,
See You Next Deculture... !!