Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Didicated to all Macross pioneer...

Hi, its been a while i didn't update this blog of mine. Gonna start things up with this model, the 1/72 VF-27 Gamma Lucifer Type kit. Yeahh.. the one and only red valkyrie from Macross Frontier series.

VF-27 Brera Sterne

Display stand is sold separately, here i used a 01 Action Base S.M.S Version

Togather with it's box, nice pic huh?!

Front view in fighter mode with it's gun attach to its underbelly

Instead, i like the green color cockpit then the original one

From top rear view. This model got more powerful in speed than the Super or Armored VF-25 model, just look at those four thrusters

Look closely at it's gun, its about to shoot at something..

Top side view, look how shiny it is

It's rear view

From side view, just to show you the position of it's gun when its in fighter mode

The decals are all in, look nice and details too

Now change from fighter to gerwalk mode !!

The transformation is not that complicated

At the centre here where two horns is actually the head

It can balance itself even without the stand

Just wanna show you all it's nice decals

And now with the two arms out, and holding it's gun. I kinda like this pose..

More picture, just keep scrolling down..

Top view

Up close view

And now lets transformed it into a battroid !!

Opps...!! there is a problem here, it cannot change to battroid mode. It's back plate got stuck and it cannot swing backward, i might broke it if i try too. So in the end it cannot transformed into attack mode. Gonna fixed that in the future, until then here are some of the "behind the scene" for you to enjoy..

If you look closely here, from the cockpit to its back tail and also it's boosters you can see it got gloosy look then the wing plate. Thats because i've used the Mr. Hobby top coat, and Tamiya top coat on its wing. Look how different it is eventhough its a gloss type of coat, only different brand
Mr. Hobby more glossy look than Tamiya top coat

The decaling part is the most pain in the @$$, but its fun fun fun...

And the result.. I'm happy about it :)

Until Next Deculture !!