Wednesday, June 23, 2010



For the first time EVER in my blog, finally Gundam !! Since i had finished watching Macross Frontier, i got nothing to do so "Why not start watching and building a Gundam kit??!.." Well, here it is folks, my very first Gundam Seed series, Aile Strike Gundam. Although it's my first kit i've built, but i'm glad i successfully achived in building it through. So enjoy the pic....

Front View, Aile Strike Gundam

It's fun building this MG kit, not too small parts and decals unlike the HG kit where some parts got tiny and hard to panel line it. Got this one locally, but now i'm ordering some more and still waiting for it to arrive. Here you can only find limited selection of gundam with overprice tag !!

It comes with the huge bazooka !!

One wrong step than i'll blast you away.. :P

It's display stand are included as well as the cable that can be attach to it's back

Nice decal too.. here, i'll try not to decal it too much.

i paint it with silver color, look nice also

i also color it's pilot as it comes in plain white,

Not bad for a beginner huh..? Need more practice to sharpen my skill

And photo skill too :P

Ok you guys, i think thats about it until next post. See you soon...
Until next Deculture......