Sunday, February 20, 2011


Its feel good when it comes to show what you proudly built. It takes me a while to finish this kit due to unforeseen even. But in the end it turn out quite good. It's a big challenge for me too in doing this kind of work as a hobby, as long as it makes me happy doing it, lol... Anyway, hi and welcome again to my blog and before that, a very big thanks for your support all this time... !!

At last i finish building this kit, this is a 1/72 scale of VF-0B from Macross Zero series by Hasegawa. Got this kit years back and it cost me S$7+.00 can't remember the exact price. Well enough talk just enjoy the pic, please scroll down for more haha...

Side view

Pic above shows the wings not open yet, and below where it's wing are fully stretch out before takeoff. Too bad it didn't have any missile nor rocket on each side of it's wings, otherwise it looks more daring.

Top front view.

This is the body part. And if you can spott the air-brake, those thhing can be flip open just like any real fighter plane. Just scroll down to see it.

I put that bluetack intentionally so that it can hold the plate like so as that hatch can be open / close.

The nose part is the first thing that i've finish first and its the fun part where you can choose whos sitting in the front seat. From the box art, the L. Itano should be the one who piloting that plane but i let H. Tenjin ( the red helmet ) instead just like in the series but with different names.

Those decals are nasty, so tiny that i screw~up some of them. Below, if you look at it's pilot window you'll find some gaps. Thats because i didn't close it permanently, so that i can take a shot at what's inside the cockpit itself.

From this side, you can see the engine from outside, duh.. . From the front intake to it's rear thruster. And if you see a white rod with black stripes in between it's thrusters (don't get me wrong), that's a sefty hook for landing purpose.

Rear view

It's tail and wings too also got plenty of decals. Look closely at those small marks, even my camera couldn't get a very clear shot.

The robot's head and the cannon located at the underbelly.. And that cannon actually can be pull out for your information.

That's the jet intake

Nice decals too..

Even inside it's thruster got touch~up
It's front landing gear

Front centre view

Thats all for now, until next post.

See You Next Deculture... !!