Thursday, February 17, 2011

MACROSS ZERO : 1/72 VF-0B [WIP3] !!

Update on my 1/72 VF-0B !!

Hi and welcome to my blog... After much cutting and sticking, came even more challenging task ~ which is decaling time !! It'll make your eyes itchi and your hand can't stop shaking, and if you move too many times of your decal.. than your good as dead ( nah, just kidding ). What's most important in this part are your patient skill, adequate tools and plenty of your precious time ~ and also a very good and comfortable chair haha... :P

After the color dried up, still you have to checked it's panel line are in good depth because sometime your first coat might fill all of it's line, by the time you apply panel line later some of the line are gone. I use my knife to clear all the 'longkang' before i panel line it.

Before clearing the longkang..

After clearing all of it's longkang.

This parts are supposedly it's arm and attach to the belly of the fighter plane, and i was thingking of putting some weight as this model feels a light by inserting some metal (fishing accessories, don't know what it's name).

I don't know you guys but this is the dirty part in modeling, panel line time. Coz you'll get dirty and it get's everywhere when you spill it... Thats why you need the correct tools for this work.

Trust me guys after sweating, cursing, spilling here and there, next thing you said 'wow..' now your kits look even more cooler.

You're looking at the air-intake

Last but not least, it's decal time... which means fun fun fun !!!

Head part.

When you give all your effort in your work and when its done, just admire your handy work my friends. Thanks for viewing and your support all this time. Till then.

See You Next Deculture... !!