Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MACROSS ZERO: 1/72 VF-0B [WIP2] !!

Update.. !!

This is the continuation from my previous work, and this time i start with it's body work, the picture are at random. Please enjoy the pic... :) Hi and welcome..

Thank god by the time it started to rain again, the colored already dried up. Otherwise this wip will taken more time than usual.

Top part of it's body

As you can see from the picture, all the kits are come in plain white. I have to sprey color to some of it's part..

Pic above are some machanical parts for it's wings, so that the wings can move back and forth at the same angle. And pic below are it's jet back pack, usefull in guardian and battroid mode but useless in fighter mode and it is conceal at the bottom tail of the fighter plane.

And now, the tyres.. and sorry for the blurr picture, too small even using macro mode. Just to show you all how small it is compare to a tooth pick.

The rims are not too sporty, don't you think ? Well thats about it until next time, thanks for viewing..

See You Next Deculture... !!