Monday, January 31, 2011


Hi and welcome again to my humble blog.
It's been a while i haven't post any Macross figure nor plane. That's because got busy doing my project which is still work in progress.. This time i'm gonna show you one of the biggest mecha ( except the SDF-1 itself ) in Macross the first original tv series, but we didn't see it transform into a space shuttle, it only appear in the "VF-X" PlayStation game instead. This is the VB-6 Koenig Monster, a 1/100 scale by Yamato

The only missing in this post is the box for this model. Because i put this model on display for quite some time now, i'm too lazy to find out which of the ten 'toy chest' did i put the box to..
Anyway, enjoy the pic guys :)

Front view of the model

Top view of the plane

This is the nose part, you can see the cockpit on top

Side view of the front nose

Rear view

Those big thruster

It's underbelly view

Well, too bad Yamato didn't built this model to fit with any of it's Display Stand or otherwise it will look even more out~standing..
Change mode from shuttle to battroid mode !

It's hand..

Side view

Front view in battroid mode

It's rear view..

Thats all for now guys. Thanks for viewing and your support.

See You Next Deculture...!!