Tuesday, November 02, 2010



A day full of fun stuff...

According to the media, the author Yoshito Usui died in an accident after a fall at Mount Arafune in Japan on September 11, 2009. What a sad story..

Anyway, found this toys while shopping at a newly opened shopping complex in our neighboring country early this year. Just wandering around what other shop might open that day then found this. Ofcourse snap it right away. I was short that afternoon, so bought 3 instead :(

Which color do you like?? I like the green one.. :D

Front view of the box

Rear view of the box

At the back of the box, an information revel that there are 8 sets of toys to collect altogether which i got 3 instead. Well, i'll definitely look up this toy whenever i got time to go there soon hehe...

Number 8 - a mystery toy??

Note that the box itself can be made out of a key chain, i don't know whats inside but will keep this sets unopen until i've collect all of them, wish me luck !

See You Next Deculture..!!