Thursday, November 18, 2010


Found this small box amongst other treasure boxes, without sign nor anything indicate whats inside, curious so i opened it.

Hi and welcome..

Got a time to clean up my room again! its quite a mess if you seen it hehe.. :P Anyway, found this one particular box without any sign to whats inside. Well there are a couple of other boxes also, will check them out too if got the time. So this one first.. I find it quite heavy for a medium size box !

After open it, now i realize that it is some of my comic collections which i packed few years back and than forget to write whats inside on the box, silly me hehe... :P

Here are some of my comic collections from my school time, which i kept it in plastic for protection. Most of the comic i bought locally and only some from either online or during my hunting trip. Today i'm gonna show you some of it, and will post the other comics some other time. So here it is, enjoy..

So how about you, what comic do you collect ??

See You Next Deculture... !!