Thursday, April 01, 2010


Yay... its been a long time that i haven't update this blog, sorry guys. But wait no more cause here i am just in time, so wake up people !!
Today i'm gonna post my yet another model from Macross Frontier, the DX RVF-25 Luca. Actually, this model is just the same function as the VE-1 Elintseeker ( mainly used for reconnaissance only) from Macross The Movie animation. Only that, this RVF-25 ars the latest recond version with plenty of accessories, which i'll explain or post later. Duuhh...

DX RVF-25 Luca from Bandai

Front view

Top view

Rear view

In fighter mode, see the round shape on it's back? what is it ?? Is it an umbrella ?! No its not !! That my friends is a radar unit which is used for recond mission and can be detach easily. Two rims comes off whenever the radar are in used. Just watch the movie then you understand what i mean.

Also include the pilot, Luca

Included with theRVF-25 Luca here are gun pod, knife, radar set, extra hands, also super parts and a display stand. What they don't include are the Ghost Drone, which you have to buy it individually. But then again, if you rich enough, you have to buy 3 sets of Ghost Drone altogether because they sold it one box each.

And just under its belly, it's gun pod.

I kinda like what they do on the pilot's cockpit instead of just clear view.

Now change to gerwalk mode !!

Change mode again to battroid mode *v*

Lazy to write, just enjoy the pic (^o^)

Look how strong he is, just lift his gun pod with one hand !!

Where are you all going?! Its not over yet, got plenty more picture here, just scroll down people !!

Salute to my supporters... Thanks guys

As you can see from the picture below, the RVF-25 are equipped with Super Pack. Take note, only the two models - RVF-25 Luca and VF-25G Mikhail, were bought together complete with display stand and the Super Parts. Whereas, the first two models - VF-25S Ozma and VF-25F Alto, dosen't include display stand and also have to buy it's Super Parts saparately which means more spending $$$ fuuhhh.... (-.-')

RVF-25 Luca with Super Parts !!

Don't go into battle without it, will do more damage to the enemy and dodge any missile fire upon.

Now lets see all this parts (pic. above) put it on to here (pic. below)
RVF-25 Luca with Super Parts

Rear view

Love all that decal !! O_o

Side view

Front view

Luca : Allright, give me all your bullets and missiles.. this is a stick-up !!
Alto : Wha~ta??

Don't pull your pants down.. i said put your hands up !!

Alto : Why you..
wooosshhh... wacckk... pow... ka-bamm!!
Ok, i just stop right here. Things turn really ugly real fast with this two guys, blood everywhere wuuu.... so horrofied.

See you next deculture !!