Thursday, July 01, 2010


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After some Gundam post, well.. back to Macross buisness hehe.. :P
Remember this pic below..? And do you know what this is?

Right, on the box it says Ghost & Weapons Set for RVF-25 Luca. This is another assesories for Luca other than it's Super Pack which was sold togather with RVF-25 its self.

Pic of the box.

It consist of the Ghost drone unit and it's missiles , what else hehe... :P

Here it is, after you put all it's weapons and Fast Pack altogather...

Rear top view

Side views

Togather with the Ghost unit.

Some close up pic of its missile

And the AIF-7S Ghost Drone Unit. If you watch from its movie, you see there are 3 Ghost units which Luca always used, which means you have to buy yourself another 2 more sets if you want to complete just like in the movie. If you rich enough that is hehehe... :D

Ghost Unit, front view

Rear view

It's rear trusthers, nice detail as well

Well that's about it,

Until Next Deculture.... !!