Friday, March 27, 2009



As promise, this is for you Double H.. thanks

Sorry if the picture taken not so 'pro' coz I'm just using a simple camera.

Here are some picture of a 1:55 VF-1S Roy Focker. Got this model in early 2K from one of my favourite store also listed here in My Favourite Web Site. Seen this model sold at our local store BUT without Super Strike, booo....
Finally taken out from my display cabinet then do some cleaning before posing in front of the camera, say keju!

VF-1S Skull Leader

Actually lazy to change the black to transparent canopy

Change to guardian mode

forgot to close it's right landing gear bay, uuu...

VF-1S with Super Strike armored set

clean and ready to take off

look at the armored !


in battloid mode

don't follow me, I'm lost too