Sunday, March 29, 2009


Hi guys,

Yup, this is the first issue ( i think so) from Yamato 1/60 model of YF- 21 with fast pack, originally from the Macross Plus. Macross Plus consist of two Versions ; Macross Plus Movie Edition ( japs ver.) and Macross Plus - 4 vol. (US ver.). Bought the two ver. in DVD from my list of favourite web in late 90's. Funny thing was that time Brunei don't have dvd yet. So just stay in the box. I saw local store selling the US ver. - vol.1 and vol.2 only, again Boo.....

In the movie itself, there are 3 models being introduce: YF-21, YF-19 and VF-11B.
Here i only got one, don't asked why..
I bought it during my hunting trip in KL back in 2005, also bought other models but this one first :P

So, enjoy you guys.

The YF-21 with fast pack in fighter mode

Look ! there is a pilot inside


I'm so into this

Rear pic

in robot mode, look how sexy those long leg ha ha..

the armored weapons on both sides

"look at me"