Wednesday, January 06, 2010


First of all "Happy New Year" to all my family, friends, blogger and you all supporters out there. This new year i wish more new hauls and more to come muahahahahaha.......... :)
Without any delay, here i'll show you the DX VF-25S Ozma Lee from Macross Frontier animation series. Enjoyed..

This is aVF-25S Skull Leader from the Stratergic Millitary Services aka S.M.S. Piloted by non other then ace pilot Ozama Lee. That skull logo at the back of that plane already explain it to you that this ace means buisness. It has grey color with black and yellow strips.

On the top, is the box for theVF-25S and the box below it's Super Parts. Some of you know that Bandai made Ozma's Super Parts with wrong color scheme. For the Super Parts, i explain it in the next post ok.

At the back of the box

It got die-cast landing gears with rubber tyre, open hatch cockpit but the pilot cannot take out. And if you look closely you can see the wings are slighly bend upward towards its wing tip, nice~
Hatch open, let's take a look inside o_O

Nice paint job with decals, sweet~ ^^

I wonder if Bandai make a double seat version?!

Rear top view

Side view

the different between the VF-25F (left) and VF-25S (right)

Top view

I like this logo :)

S.M.S logo on it's tail wings

more S.M.S decals

It's gun pod, attach to it's lower body

Rear landing gear, made of die-cast with rubber tyre.

One thing for sure, it got a short neck! dymm... thats why i prefer this model in jet mode. Can't stand to see him in robot mode with no neck, it look like a turtle haha..

a salute

stright out its fingers and then...

salute !

Oh yea baby ^^

Errrrgghh.... that head with no neck !

There it is, it's gun pod

Look how shiny my arm are..

Too lazy to say anything ~

Articulated hand, supereb~

Although it got short neck, but it has areally nice head hehe... ;) nice shining green color

And also it's basic weapond, a powerfull knife that can cut open a vajra.

Come closer and i cut you open, ggrrrr......

nice and really detail

Until next deculture !