Friday, January 15, 2010



To all who support me all this years, salute!

And here it is again together with the DX VF-25S Ozma Lee and it's Super Parts. Only the Alto and Ozma units were each sold seperatly from it's Super Parts, whereas the other two units (Luca and Mikhail) were sold together with it.

This is only the outer box for the Super Parts, just to keep it safe from shelf ware i guess. Come and let's take a look inside...

There, see there is the box inside a box, great. Don't wanna unwrap its paper, just take out the parts then put the box back inside it's box for future generation haha...

Some of you guys may not know that the first batch or so of the DX VF-25S Ozma Lee's Super Parts got a little error, until someone find out that the color scheme were a tiny bit different from the other three models. So what did Bandai do, instead of recall all the parts which could cost them a lot of money.. they just simply send the right little parts which got the wrong color scheme, brilliants! If you look closely, those two tiny parts were send seperately from the big box (Super Parts). Parts below are the correct color scheme, i'll show you later which are the wrong parts.

Now, let's take a look at the Super Parts for Ozma Lee. Enjoyed guys..

It comes not only the Super Parts but also include the display stand as well.

If you can spot the wrong color parts, then you know what i ment.

See the different between the two pictures; above VF-25S, and below VF-25s Super Parts.

Top view.

Side view.

Top front view.

More missile at the back.

Lets take a closer look at the missile shall we..

Nice details.

Got nice decals as well.

Top rear view.

Rear side view.

The chase plate got a small skull decal, look good.

Even look great in gerwalk mode.

Now, in battroid mode.

Solo post.


Here it is, laying on the floor are the wrong color scheme. Thr right parts are the one with white centered with yellow on the outer rims not the other way around. Now you know.

Now where are the Vajra, can't see anywhere..?

Hey pal, see any Vajra around here?

Ttop view, i like this view.


Come'er you.. lets take a picture together.

Say "CHEESE..... "

Until next deculture...