Monday, September 27, 2010


Hi everyone,
and its about time to up date my blog with toys, toys and more toys....
Just to heat things up, here are some of my hauls which i grab it as soon as it was out in the market. Got these from KL while planning movie gathering with other friends, but have to turn down KK movie gathering for the second movie (ROTF), sorry guys maybe next time with other movie...
Anyway, here are two sets of DVD special edition from Transformer and Transformer ROTF movies, which is as you can see from the boxs itself... :) What made it special is that it got a 2 discs versions and also it has disc cover which is as you can see below... have a Optimus Prime cover for it's frist movie and Bumblebee cover for the second movie. So enjoy guys... :D

Front view of the boxes

Rear view of the boxes

Here it is, the dvd cover. I like the second one (Bumblebee), looks more striking thou... This is what you see after taken out from it's boxes..

Front view of it's cover

Rear view of it's cover

See the rear cover got those two big round shape, thats where it store the two discs, how cool is that ! :) After a few slide here and there, this is what you get... see picture below.

Hope you enjoy it as much as i do, until then i see you next time.
Until Next Deculture...... !!