Thursday, October 07, 2010


Hi again and welcome,

This time i'm gonna show you all some of my gundam collection, a Gundam Heavy Arms Custom from Gundam Wings series.. i kinda forgot it's name but i like it's heavy armor. Actually got this kit in the local store. Well enough talk and lets enjoy the pic shall we...

Front view with the box

Although this is a 1/100 model kit which most of you find it easy to build.. well for me it IS easy and very fun too. But not like the 1/144 kit which is way too small for my fingers to work with hehe...

Rear view.

It's weapons

It's weapons which i coat it with silver and black metal color sprey, look awsome from here.. just wait till you see it's missile compartment !!

All of the missile pod i coat it first with white then red so that the red color looks more red. Get what i ment. This are the only parts which took me long time to finished because i have to put on my glasses just to color those missile head. But in the end... i'm satisfied with what i'm doing it, ohh.. that was fun.

Those black metalic sprey sure look awsome here

with stand :)

Top view

At the end, i'm happy to see what i've build so far. Just need a few more lesson and thats it. I hope you all enjoyed what you've seen here, coz i do..

Until Next Deculture....