Thursday, October 14, 2010


They're small and they're cute !!

Hi and welcome,

Today i'm gonna show you some of my collections on this SD from Macross Frontier, which i got from my previous toy hunting trip. There's Sheryl with her whip and also a VF-25S Armored Ozma Lee mecha. Just scroll down and enjoy the views... ^-^

Front view of the box sets.

Sheryl in her blue concert costume

Close-up look

Actually, there are more figures other than Sheryl.. Ranka holding a dim sum box, Alto with his paper plane and cute looking kid version of Klang . To bad i didn't see them during that time, maybe next time will grab them all (",)

Back of the box

There are four SD figures all togather

Good things i keep her in it's box, the box got dust everywhere even i kept them in my display cabinet which is a Detolf from IKEA. It's back to their box again after taking some picture of them.

Front view

Side views, oh.. that whip!!

A display stand are also included, as you can see from the picture below, i think the stand are to support her big head haha... her cap can be remove as well !!

Well now, next i'm gonna show you a VF-25S Armored Ozma Lee SD in gerwalk mode that is.

Front view of the box

Rear view of the box

Apart from figurine, here are some more of mechas which i will keep looking in the future. From the pic other than Ozma, there are Alto's VF-25F and Brera's VF-27, two different colored of Queadluun-Rea and even a tiny cute vajra !! how sweet...

Front view

Side views

Rear view

Top view
Although this model can't change mode, but it's still got that good looking model with details along the way. Love them all.. :)

Some scratch on his right arm :(

I try to snap his finger clearly, this is the only close i can get.

The red dot are suppose to be it's missile pods

Hope you all enjoy my collections, see you next time.

Until Next Deculture...