Saturday, October 16, 2010


After doing some cleaning, there is a small toy that i forgot i ever bought it. Got this cute toy last year and i got it locally. Although i didn't know what this are for, but just bought it anyway. So now let me show you what is this all about..

Finally, got some time to upload a few pictures. I think this post is the fewest pic ever hehe.. At first, it is just a round shape with doraemon's face. Thats what i thought, when i ask the counter to take it out than i realise that there is a button on top of its head. When i push the button.. it light up!! I didn't know it was a light bulb, too small don't you think. Ohh so cute. :) This will be another of my special collection yet, didn't see anything like this one anywhere. Happy toy hunting guys..

Well thats all for now,
Until Next Deculture... !!