Friday, December 23, 2011


Enjoying your hobby while you still can... 2012 is already near !! bo-ha.. :p

Hi and welcome, Today i'm gonna post my DX VF-25G Michael, which is my complete version 1 ( V1) of VF-25's model from Macross Frontier series. The other models which i already posted here were VF-25F Alto, VF-25S Ozma and RVF-25 Luca. Too bad Bandai didn't make the Mass Production model, otherwise gonna rob that also hehe.. So, lets get started.

Nice picture on the front box

Here what you see inside the box which include Gun Pod and Sniper Rifle and it's holders, Knife, and a 3 sets of it's hand manipulator. Also included are the Super Pack and a Display set, see below.

A display set

A Super Pack set for VF-25G

Only VF-25G and RVF-25 comes with Super Pack and Display set, while the other two VF-25F and VF-25S didn't come with these bundle (sold separately) :(

up-close pic

This is the front view of the model. Notice that here its a normal version ( without Super Pack ). It seems that all the models including this one, when i first take out from the box, got somekind of oil all over it which make them look glossy whenever i took a picture of it.

Side view

Rear view

Side view

The front and rear landing gear which made of die-cast and the rubber tire also looks great. But the problem is, you cannot install its sniper rifle while landing gear are down because the rifle is too big.

Left wing.. !

right wing check.. !

Notice there are pin-holes all over the body..? Well thats for putting on its Super Pack which i will install it later on. Right now, the pilot's cockpit.

Inside, a decent tiny pilot which not much to say here, but better than nothing right..

I know, i know.. i skipp the Gerwalk Mode. All this picture already took me a looooooooooong time to up-load here, don't know why?? Plus i have to delete some of the pics here due to "will take more time to upload it" ~ huh...

In battroid Mode


its Sniper rifle, don't leave home without it.. !!

salute to all..

And now, its Super Pack time.. Bundle with this set which is why more expensive from the previous Alto and Ozma custom. Beliefe me you have to fork deep inside your wallet if not other people's wallet to get one hehe...

A complete set: VF-25G, Display and Super Pack set.

Here, stand alone ~~

Here, super kick~butt

I do hope you all enjoy my collection so far, next will be it's sound booster set from episode 12 "Fastest Delivery", so stay tune.

See you next Deculture.... !!