Wednesday, December 28, 2011


VF-25's New Year's gathering.. ^_^

As we are about to leap into 2012, first of all i like to say Happy Advance New Year to all my family, friends and fellow bloggers..

From my previous post on this VF-25G model, this time i'm gonna show you another accessories fitted for this G's model as shown in the series ep. 12 'Fastest Delivery', later on Alto's VF-25F also used this set to fold back to Frontier to fight back the Vajra. Actually this set, called Gallia 4 Fold set, sold separately from the VF-25G, which means you have to fork even deeper into your wallet duuhh... ><


The box is small and light. Inside as you can see from the pic below, include 4 speakers, 2 Fold holders, 1 Fold Booster set, 1 miniature of Ranka (cute too) and its manual book. How i wish the Fold Booster can light up just like the YF-19 Fold Booster do.

Ranka's costume looks the same as in the series where she performe her first concert in Gallia 4 planet instead of back in Frontier which she schedule for. No body ever sings, that i know in Macross series, in the air while desending from space. Not even Minmie, let alone Basara..

Fold Booster set in pink color.. !

4 Speakers set

the speakers were on clip-on


the back side of Fold set

Fold and Sound Booster attach together with Fast Pack to VF-25G

the speakers got a neon~like with it, just like at the disco club or in a karaoke bar..

the speakers were a clip-on to the wing

back of the speakers

rear view

look how tiny she is

this is how it looks like in the series, more or less

Hope you all enjoy all of my collection so far, till another post and Happy New Year.

See You Next Deculture...

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Wai Yin Chu said...

Can this set fit the renewal edition of vf-25g ?