Monday, June 08, 2009


"Human Bird"

This time i'm gonna show you my other variable fighter adapted from Macross Zero OVA, this model above is from the Anti United Nation Military ( A.U.N ) side, the SV-51α Alpha (mass production) type model.

Top view

Side view of the cockpit

This model is not much different from my previous post of Nora's SV-51γ (Gamma) model which is a modified unit. There are another gamma model which was piloted by an ace pilot name D.D Ivanov (which will be put on my next post soon :) Take note that today's post i just show you the model in fighter mode only, and if you want to see the gerwalk or battroid mode, please open my pervious post on Nora, thanks.

Along with SV-51γ Nora (gamma type)

up-close view, love this two

Here are some feature for your guidence:

SV-51α: Alpha - Mass production type, a single-seat version

SV-51γ: Gamma - Specially tuned model, a single-seat version

This two models the SV-51α ( mass production) which is pilot by ordinary A.U.N pilot and the SV-51γ ( gamma - which is a modified units and were built of specially tuned versions ) which is pilot by A.U.N. ace pilots Nora Polyansky and D.D. Ivanov (a black SV-51γ) were used during the operation to retrive an alien 'thing' around the island of Mayan.

the pilot also looks stickey and soft just like Nora previously

The air-intake, more fantastic work have to be done here. I wish they make it more realistic, but they just being lazy i guess. If they re-issue with new realistic air-intake, sure i'll buy one haha..

it also got working landing gear and with rubber tyre

just plain white... Yamato! you can do better than this

view from below, its landing gear compartment

more landing gears at the back

In the movie, the only problem i notice with the SV-51 is that it has high fuel consumption, it seem that the fighter are eating too much fuel. Thats why it has a much shorter range that it was often necessary for the SV-51 to be transported to the operational area by a modified submarine and launched from underwater.

Along with it's weapons: gun-pods, six mounting missile launchers, two fuel pods, twin mounting boosters and stand included. Actually, the wings can be flip up-wards (no pic provided here), so that it can be stow at the hanger inside of a submarine. You should watch the movie yourself. A.U.N. built the SV-51 which is generated by overtuned conventional engines rather than the more powerful thermonuclear reaction engines which is used by the VF-0's fighter from the U.N side.

SV-51α Alpha in lunch mode.
Until next deculture !