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This is didicated to my GF... thanks for letting me buying this.

Just asked yourself what is your very first favourite robot when you were a kid??
I still remember mine, the very first robot movie i saw when i was just 7 or 8 years old, it was Voltes V, that time Macross not came out yet, and hell yes i still love them till now.

I got this toy made by Bandai, and it consists of abs, diecast and plastic and is really solid and suprisingly heavy if you hold it in your hands. To me, buying this toy is a really satisfying experience. This item got a price tag of 16,590Yen, don't know how much in BND, but i got it just below $200 yeah, but at that price.... for me it feel like someone whipping my ass !!

I get my 'Soul of Chogokin - Voltes V' during shopping at MBK, if you been there then you know where it is. I go-girl* it in the internet and still watch it at U-pipe*. I find it funny to watch it now but back then this was my superhero robot. You should watch it's movie, its fun. Why?? because i said so. Oh almost forgot, * means you have to used your common sence, muahahaha....

From the picture, you can see that Voltes V consist of five machines that can combine together into a giant robot called Voltes V (Voltes Five). The five machines are

Volt Crewzer

you notice there are some chiping, it fell off my hand while
i'm taking it off the shelf. dyem..

the cockpit hatch can be open and look there is the pilot

very tiny pilot figure include

the landing gear.

Volt Bomber

something missing here...

yeah, i forgot to take out the tail wings. bummer....

oh well, just enjoy the pic guys

not to forget its landing gear as well.

Volt Panzer

I like this one, if got 1:1 scale i might buy one myself. muahaha...

there are two missile on the front and two folded arm on top of it's back

got rubber tyre

wow even got that robot hand,

i love this one, it so into me.

at the back there is a hatch for a storage

with this, i can go anywhere i want to

Volt Frigate

it turn out that a kid flying one of this

i wish they made a bigger landing gear next time

huge aircraft but got small landing gear

it got twin radar and one booster rocket on each side at the back

side view

Volt Lander

this cute little here was piloted by a woman

rear view

front view

it's front seat, looks fun to drive one of this, if its real that is hehe...

just brought back from car wash

don't be fool by the cute look, its got weapons underneath

if you flip foward the hood, there... see what i mean

nice shining drill, sharp too

When you bought this toy, it came with big box. Thats because it didn't come just the toy (hehe) but it comes with tons of accessories!!
Here only some of the accessories, not all because lazy to take pic :)

i forgot to included the plastic sword, here only the chrome one

Gatling Missiles, its a missiles luncher what else.

Choudenji Strings, this strings are actually Voltes's waist belt that can be removable and turned into a weapons when in battle like wipping the enemy's ass... haha

( sorry no picture taken, just reffer to the next picture below :)

Choudenji Gom'ma, ooh i like this one, its like a spinning "gasing" like i said before and it can attach with the Choudenji Strings and become powerful weapons. Cool stuff huh..

Chain Knuckles, this weapon got a long metal chain which is at the end attached to a "bat"-like weapon and at the tip of it got spike all around it.

And the last one...

the Tenkuu Ken a.k.a the Lightning Sword... guess where the sword being kept?? Look at the red emblem on Voltes's chest there is a big 'M' like shape, thats where the sword being kept. Although Bandai provides plenty weapons but mostly I like the solid chrome sword, look more real. Here Bandai provides two swords, the chrome and the plastic.

very shining sword

you dare challange me?!!.. i'll cut you into half

Other accessories that included in the box set are the Mechanical Eagle, different variant of hands, the display stand, landing gears and a few other things that i don't know what their names are. The cd's, i bought it saperately.

this is where i put all it's weapons (side A), nice stand huh

here, you can hear all the soundtrack of every robot you see in the picture cover.

the weapon's stand (side B)

I got my favourite toys right here, so what's your?

Until next deculture!

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