Monday, June 01, 2009


Macross Zero rule!

This model - SV-51r pilot by Nora ( she the only women pilot in Macross Zero series ), belongs to the Anti-UN military from the Macross Zero - OVA series.

In fighter mode fully armed

With 4 rocket luncher and 2 anti-ship missiles.

Also twin-booster on top of it's wings

In the movie, they only used the twin-booster during the finale epsode.

Right, I want to point out some comment out of this thing. I didn't come across any fighter in 1/60 that got the same size with this one, you can see it yourself, it's huge... seriously. In fighter mode, from the the nose cone to the end of the feet thrustersits, it's 14 inches long . I tell you, there's no missing this one on the shelf that's for sure.

Pic from rear view.

Top view.

I find it in fighter mode is the best of the three mode of this variable fighter where every part and piece locks into place. Take into consideration it's almost $400, hell yeah... for that price every single piece should be flawless, although i've heard there are some qc problem, but thank god mine is OK.
Also included here is a mini Nora figure, to me it looks like sticky and soft, hehe...

She is the pilot of this beautiful fighter.

Gerwalk mode always looks best when displayed stand than it does on the ground. The stand is included with the set. Too bad, how come the other sets ie. VF-0S and VF-0A got no stand included, even the VF with Ghost booster version got no stand??
Nice stand anyway. Lazy to take pic of the landing gear but it folds out nicely and the detail is as impressive as the rest of the toy, muahahahaha....

In gerwalk mode, aka "Human Bird".

Along with it's gun pod.

It comes with the full armored of extra gun pods, missiles and boosters too fully deck out the fighter for long range combat. I prefer fighter with maximum armament in fighter mode.

The head actually can be use as a “periscope” like seen in the movie

This is one of the twin booster, up-close pic.

In battroid mode it stand around 13 inches tall and it look great with or without the stand.

In action.

Lend me your hand phone, i wanna call someone

Come here you..

One more step i'll blast you away, got me!

There are so many things to say here, just simply lazy to explane.
So just enjoy the pic guys.

Attach to it's leg is an extra magazing for it's gun pod.

Now that you've seen the toy, imagine it's box!! The box measure's 15 x 14 x 6 inches with a lid act as a display that opens to reveal the contents packed neatly in clear vacuum-form trays.
I've try to pun into one of my size 26" travel laugge and its already 80% full, just left some space for my other toy shopping stuff... So, if you want to buy it online, importing it too can be expensive, box size + weight = custom smiling :P

For me, i really do like this mecha design. So, i can only recommending this to the most die-hard Macross fans, because of the expensive for what it is, however it does stand out from the rest of your toys on the shelf.