Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is a Bat Mobile by Hot Wheel's from the 1st BATMAN the movie, played by Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. I got this as an advance birthday present from my sis and her hubby when they back from their honeymoon in Bangkok four years ago.

Top view.

The box are super cool, act as a display too. If you look closely, the car's door can be hatch open. Wow, i love this car so much. But too bad my sis never tells me the price tag! haha...
The logo on both sides.

If you can see the air intake on top of the hatch, its actually got a steel mesh just like real car bumper grill or something!!

Still in the box open once just to checked whats inside. The hatch canopy can be slide to open, tyre are moving, if you pull out the front cone-like shape you can see its jet engine inside. And not to forget it have front and rear lamp and signal. Hahahaha...

While doing my hunting trip years back, few days after the permier of Batman Begins, i stumble the latest ver. of Bat Mobile, actually i'm looking for the same cool box display like my 1st Bat Mobile, but there was none so just bought it anyway.

If you notice a tiny square dot at the rear side of the car, you can see this sign that says '100s Hot Wheel'. Don't know what it means.

Now thats what you called an armored car.

Anyway, i try to find the new Bat Mobile a.k.a the 'tumbler' but instead saw the desert camoflag one with the same display box at the local store here the other day, but not the black one, you get me?? Too bad i didn't have enought money that day, otherwise i grab it too.

Rear view, got 4 big tyres.

Even got this big booster to jump from building to buildings.

Nice sport rims.

Open the hatch to see whats in side.

Lets take a peek inside.

Look at the dashboard... can you spot the cd player??

Also got the leather seat?? wow...

Until next deculture !