Saturday, April 04, 2009


Transformer, from tv animated series to real life movie, well not quite real, ahak.
Bought it during the movie primear, got the poster as well but came back to Brunei
already lipat-lipat ;(

At first, its' just an ordinary truck but ( god knows how) it can transform itself into a giant robots, "its from japanese", Sam said. Anyway, i did bring this to our 1st TCG meeting at
the mall this afternoon.

Bulih ambil roadtax nih, tire baru kali ah bulih...

Can you spot the driver??

The driver is just for disguise so people don't suspect anything.

Car don't drive itself right :p

Look how sleek Optimus is.

Although the figure didn't too accurate with the one in the movie,

but whos' complaining

The only sad things was, this guy always got his ass kicked by the bad guys,

i meant always. Suck huh...