Monday, April 13, 2009


Long live culture!

Ok, my next haul.. Got to love this 2 Revoltech mechas, I’ve been trying to find the Regult (big one) but until now didn’t see one. I guess I just keep my eyes open widely O_O until I see one.

These models (Revoltech) are the only two I’ve kept with me. Not that I regret buying this things, but I prefer big mecha.

But still, I like these two models. So, get yours today.

Regult and VF-1J Max

Armed and ready !

One more step and i'll blast you away...

Heads up everybody.

A booster and rockets luncher mounted at the back.

See how big my booster are

View from the side.

Nice pose...

Now where is that Regult go...

I'm here, watch your back Max

Full view of the model

Great shot !

About to lunch the anti-mecha missile

Look how tall i am.
View from underbelly. Huge huh.

Thanks for watching, until next deculture!