Monday, April 20, 2009

Genisis Climber - Mospeada

First shown in the 80's as Genisis Climber Mospeada (Jap ver.), then adapted to Robotech New Generation (US ver.) by Carl Mack. Don't know about you but, I like the jap ver. though.

Here are the character's names.

US Ver. - Jap Ver.

Scoot Bernard - Stick
Rand - Ray / Ley
Rook Bartley - Houquet 'Fuku' Emrose
Lancer'Yellow Dancer' - Yellow Belmont
Sue Graham - Shinobu Takeuchi

Today, i'm gonna show you my only two 1/15 Armor Rider Mospeada by Megahouse, Stick VR-052F type and Ray VR-052T type.

Scoot Bernard

This is how you hold your weapon.

Aim your target like this...

Now pull the trigger

Full of concentration

Now... where is that invid.

Look at my ride.

Nice twin head light.

Just change my tyre...

Got leather seat and shinny mufler

Nice suspension, also got twin rocket luncher on both sides of the wheel.

Got to go...

Its Rand turn, with body armored

Try to lock-in its target

Lock-on target display mounted to his shoulder

This is didicated to all future macross pioneer...