Sunday, April 26, 2009


"Take her up"

You can't miss it when this huge spacecraft fly up in the sky. The SDF-1 Macross which is a sci-fic adapted from The Super Dimentional Fortress Macross movie aired in Japan in 1982-1983, and adapted in the US as Robotech which was aired in 1985. This huge space fortress capable of

executing a space folds, which is it can travel faster at the speed of light and it can travel to any corner of the galaxy.

This is the SDF-1 in space fortress

In the movie, the story begin when a massive alien spaceship 6 mile long, a.k.a SDF-1, crash landed into earth on Macross Island in South Pacific. When the human inspected the wreckage, they found that the spaceship were build by giant aliens 50 feet tall and that their technology was beyond human thinking. For 10 years the human rebuild the space fortress and when they are about to lunch the ship, an alien spaceships appear orbiting the earth. Their intention are to reclaim back the SDF-1, but the human try to defend them self and won't give it back without a fight. So the intergalatic war begin...

Here i can only tell you some part of the story, you have to watch the movie yourself, have fun.

In attack mode.

This SDF-1 is so huge, almost impossible to take picture of all its parts

closely at one time

Can you spot the bridge??

This two big long towers are actually the main gun.

Very destructive fire power.

When an enemy try to get close to the SDF-1,

the main gun will automaticly open fire.

Nice view...

When the enemy attack, the SDF-1 will transform into attack mode.

The main gun will be directed to the approching enemy like this,

then 'OPEN FIRE'

Front View

Rear View

The Deadalus (its right hand) are actually where all the veritech fighter were kept.

"Q, Q..

Q, Q..

My boyfriend is a pilot now,

He's a pilot now..."