Monday, April 06, 2009


Today's post are dedicated to those who wanna kick start a 'do-it-your-self' model kit stuff.
For those who are just a beginner might wanna keep your eyes and ears open wide, because you are about to be milk until dry, muahahaha.........

Ok frist of all, you have to ask yourself "how to be a modeler?" right??
Here are some of things you gotta have, because without this things your kit or model you wanna built will sure sakit or worse kena jumpa tong sampah!

Keep in mind that to be a modeler, one should be a creative and patient with lots of money! And don't rush things, otherwise you get your ass kick later by me, muahahaha...
Here, i just list out some of the very basic hobby tool kits that i have and for you to have one, don't have one? buy one lorr...

1. Side Cutter, please don't used papat kuku!!
2. Tweezers (stright and angle) -got to have plenty of it
3. Modeling File,
used the flat file, like this one
you can see some white dust, already used mah...
4. Precision knife (hobby knife), see first pic.
5. Cutting mats, lazy to take pic!!
6. Brush (for cleaning model), see first pic.

Other things you should have like cement (glue), C-clamp (big paper clip), rubber band (galang gatah) and etc. see first pic, are also needed. That's it for today.

note: this lesson apply for snap-fit for model kit only, coloring technique are not included.

Good luck with your kits and happy modeling.